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Seven Philosophies For a Native American Man

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Peace Is My Heritage.

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                             Mt. Shuksan in the North Cascades Range

                                            Washington State








With Love and respect for Mother Earth and Her Children.
Venus the Morning and Evening Star

Love For Mother Earth And All Her Children
FROM NASA  An Astronauts View of Earth at Night...Cosmically Beautiful



Graywolf is a Tuscarora man who loves and respects the Lakota Nation and has long been drawn to the spiritual traditions of this nation. I am a Minniconjou Lakota woman who has long been drawn to the People of the Longhouse and the Peacemaker. Graywolf grew up on the Tuscarora Rez in New York and follows the Longhouse tradtition. His Grandmother was a Clan Mother. My Lakota grandfather was adopted by an Irish father and German Mother and raised in Nebraska. My Lakota ancestors speak to me in dreams and visions.

When we met on another Native American website my brother Graywolf shared a story of his encounter with wolves at Crater Lake Oregon at a time when I needed healing and that true story brought the blessing help of the Wolf Spirit back into my life at a hard time. It became a saving gift for me and opened the door so that my Lakota ancestors could renew their contact with me. From there Graywolf became a friend and brother and we started this website. Graywolf's Uncle Bud was a Tuscarora Medicine Man. He once said to us he had no problem with the word Shaman being applied to him since his work was like the work of the Shamans. He worked in the world of the spirits and with plants and herbs to heal and help.

Bud taught Graywolf and gave permission to share some things but as you may understand the traditions of the People of the Longhouse are not entirely open and so there are things that cannot be shared. Bud Blessed this site though and allowed us to use some pictures that one would normally never see. These are pictures he permitted to be shared here on this website.

Graywolf and I are both interested in the indigenous traditions of the whole world. He is half Irish so has ties there as do I and I have ties to Egypt. My ties are to Old Egypt so that is reflected here on this website as well. We both love the great diversity on our planet and also the deep unity that binds us all together. Our journey reflects that. Our love for Mother Earth and our desire to heal and help Mother Earth is the heart of that journey and our work. We wish to be of service to all our relations. We hope those who come here will share their journey with us as much as they can or wish to do. Many Blessings. C. Isis Andersen (Gendenwitha/Morningstar)


Paleolithic Earth Mother of Laussel France
Lascaux  15,000 B.C to 10,000 B.C.



Winged Isis





Mt Shuksan North Cascades Washington State

HA-WEH!   ME O CHEE TEH KEE WAH.  (Many Blessings) Tuscarora



Tuscarora Medicine Man Bud DeShaw with love and respect.


This is Graywolf's family

Thanks Uncle Bud. We love you Uncle Bud bright blessings, Cynthia/Gendenwitha

Great Grandfather Joseph (White Lion meaning Cougar) DeShaw (Tuscarora) on the right and his friend Ironhorse on the left with love and respect

Bud Deshaw



Olympic National Park On the West Coast of Washington State


Mt. Tahoma (Rainier, Washington State) and Hidden Lake

Kaia Thomas is the Artist (and a member) who painted this portrait of Geronimo



Harsaauset aka Horus

Maat Daughter of Atum "Your right eye is Maat and your left eye is Maat, your flesh and your limbs are Maat... you are because Maat is." Maat and Her Feather are with us.

Mask of a Priest of Anubis (Ancient Egypt) for more information read my article on Masks and Clothing of Shamanism my first blog on this site)



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Blessings of Lakshmi and Venus the Morningstar and more of Graywolf's family

"In our way of life... with every decision we make, we always keep in mind the 7th Generation to come. It's our job to see that the people coming ahead, the generations still unborn, have a world no worse than ours and hopefully better. When we walk upon Mother Earth we always plant our feet carefully because we know the faces of our future generations are looking up at us from beneath the ground." Chief Oren Lyons




om mani padme hum Photobucket


Lakshmi of India bringing many blessings.

More of GW's Family

Graywolf's Brother in Law, Larry Standing Bear of the Bear Clan and Choctaw and Chippewa nations, with love and respect.

Andy and Bear (Tuscarora man and GW's best friend) with love and respect

Larry Standing Bear (Graywolf's Brother in law), Willy Red Hawk and Moses Little Bear (they are Choctaw Chippewa)

Bud DeShaw Tuscarora Medicine Man

Chew'n Uncle Bud, I will miss you very much. You are a mentor to me. Thank you for all of your wisdom and teachings through the years I have known you. I will call to your Orenda time and again to guide me on the right path through life. Have a safe journey my Uncle. How che wha he. Graywolf.>>>>.



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